"Where will you be driving to now?"
"To freedom" he replied.

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shreyanszaveri shreyanszaveri shreyanszaveri


The Fuehrer's Blood

   Han or 'The shadow' as they call him is Hitler's most trusted henchman & sniper who was last seen deep within illicit Russian territory.
   Now, on the 1st day of May 1945 the world rejoices as Hitler's tyranny is crushed. The Red army has triumphantly marched into Berlin and right up to Hitler's doorstep. On this fateful night, a mysterious band of Germans christened 'Blood Moon' unite in an underground shelter in Berlin.These men prepare for an unusual mission to march into a secret Red army operation base run by the ruthless Russian warlord Konstantin. At such an hour into the war only dire straits can push someone to do so and hence these Germans traverse to reach Han for he holds many secrets of the Reich. Secrets that can help them live free lives. While the Germans embark on this mission a terrible probability tips the scale against them. For in reality, Hitler has disappeared without trace and a startling new possibility comes to fore suggesting that the Nazi dictator still lives.
   An undying audacity of hope keeps them alive as they are thrust into their worst nightmares in Konstantin's extermination camp. The Germans accidently stumble upon Hitler's personal diary that leads to bigger pieces of the puzzle as they evade death at every step.
  They must now race against time to procure the necessary information and not only reach Han but also hunt down Hitler.

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About the Author


     While writing "The Fuehrer's Blood" countless WW II stories came to the fore. It must have taken a herculean number of sacrifices to put an end to the reign of the Nazi's. One can only be in awe and respect to those innumerable lives that were laid down for the freedom of mankind. "The Fuehrer's Blood" goes down a road seldom traversed. It has taken a substantial amount of research and work on the author's part to brave this road. The author, Shreyans Zaveri, credits his varied storytelling skills to his vast educational background. His spark for fiction evolved with every new subject that he learned. From a Bachelor's degree in Science to a double Master's in Philosophy & Vsfx, the vistas of storytelling evolved every day. Shreyans sees a story in everything that he does. From the photographs that he takes to the movies he makes and the novels he authors, there is always a story waiting to be told. "The Fuehrer's Blood" is Shreyans Zaveri's first literary fiction novel. The author is currently busy working on his second untitled novel and hopes to continue writing compelling stories.

    "The dawn breaks, Blood Moon will rise" – General Felix


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   As we are aware that music affects the fluidity of our emotional landscape.
   We decided to put this theory to test. The author Shreyans Zaveri teamed up with muscician composer Sidhant Kapoor to work on an experimental soundtrack for the book. The duo discussed the flow of emotions throughout the narrative and how music could impact the mind of a reader.
   With this was born, the soundtrack for a novel. The musician came up with an intense score that runs parallel to the narrative of The Fuehrer's Blood.
  As soon as one listens to the soundtrack, a visual landscape begins to form in the readers mind. The score helps to live the tale as it leads one to have a deeper sense of "percieved emotions", and hence this experimental soundtrack builds a magnificent credence towards the story.

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